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January 2019 Detox Programme

Want to lose weight? Have more energy? Detox your internal organs giving them a much needed rest. Improve your gut health? Boost your immune system? Delay the aging process? Have clearer skin? Improve your thinking? Have shinier hair?


Who wouldn't want all these things?

Join our January Detox program today.

You will choose a detox plan that is best for you. We offer the three different plans to accommodate different levels of experience and dietary requirements. However, everyone will cut out the hardest three sugar, alcohol and caffeine.


Choose from one of the plans below.


Standard Detox = No Sugar, Alcohol, Caffeine. All food recipes are acceptable as

long as they do not contain these three elements. However, I would encourage you

to eat the meals plans from The Personal Plan, because it is better for the digestion

to separate the six other food groups.

Personal Plan = Standard detox plan minus one or more of the following items.

1- Wheat/Gluten. 2 – Dairy. 3 – Red meat 4 - Eggs. 5 – Poultry. 6 – Fish.

Complete Cleanse = Standard detox plan + The Personal plan. This excludes all 6​

elements (Meat, Poultry, fish, Dairy, Eggs, Wheat / Gluten). This essential is a

Vegan diet plus no sugar, alcohol, caffeine and gluten.


The programmes are fully supported and after the 4 weeks you are going to look and feel fantastic.

Programme Content


3 Hour workshop 5th January, 9.30 – 12.30 at The Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford.

  • Find out everything you need to know about detoxing.

  • Understand what you can and can’t have.

  • Prepare yourself for the symptoms you may experience, and how to overcome them.

  • Learn how to overcome urges.

  • In your workbook, you will write a personalised detox plan to suit your tastes and needs.

  • Have your first weigh in.

  • Meet everyone else on the detox journey.


4 Group meets.

5.45 – 6.45pm at The Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford.

(For weighing in, group Question and Answer session and Topic Talk.)

Wednesday 9th January - Using Mindfulness to manage diet

Wednesday 16th January - Self-love and emotional eating

Wednesday 23rd January – Understanding willpower and food habits

Wednesday 30th January – Moving forward and Maintenance Program


Closing Group Meet

Saturday 2nd February - 12 - 1 pm Final weigh-in and award ceremony.  



Online Recipes.


Facebook Detox Journey Group: Everyone on the program will be invited to join the group. You will be able to share meal ideas, any struggles or successes. This support group will help you through the tough times, supporting each other is a key element to success. If you have any questions you can pop them on here, no question is a silly question. If you're thinking it, you can guarantee someone else is.

You will also have access to any videos for the program here.


Seven 8-minute HIIT Yoga Videos: These will be on our Facebook page for you to complete.


A Facebook shout out at the end of every day: To see how everyone is getting on.



 Money Back Guarantee  

If you participate fully, complete the program and do not lose weight.

I will give you your money back.



All this for only £249


Special Offer – Early Bird Discount

Book before 15th December for only £199

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