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Do you want to launch or grow your business in the health and wellbeing sector?

Can you relate to the following?

  • I worry all the time I’m not good enough

  • I lack confidence in my own abilities

  • I procrastinate far too much

  • I know my lack of self-belief holds me back

  • Everything has to be perfect or its not good enough


Now ask yourself:

  • Are you tired of being your own worst critic?

  • Are you fed up with feeling exhausted anxious and overwhelmed?

  • Are you tired of these thoughts ruining your life?  

  • Are you ready to stop fearing failure?

  • Are you ready to feel differently?

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I specialise in helping people become more confident and clear on how they want to make a difference in the world and what's holding them back, enabling the self-belief required so they take action to launch or grow their business in the health and wellbeing sector. 

I help you, so you can help others.

Your thoughts are what drives every action you take and therefore the results you get.

Often we are unable to see what it is that is blocking our progress and why we think and feel the way we do. This may lead us to putting things off, procrastinating, becoming over-critical or doubting if we can ever truly achieve what we want. Then when you do start to achieve you have this underlying feeling that you don’t know enough.

 Perhaps you feel you are simply just not good enough and they will find out?

You believe others are far more capable. The feelings then associated with this way of thinking cause anxiety, stress, depression, self-isolation, self-sabotage and perpetual uncertainty. 

Sadly, the resulting lack of confidence and self-belief stops you from making the changes and progress you want in your life.

But you CAN change this. Now ask yourself:

How would it change your life if you no longer suffered with this lack of confidence and self-belief?


What would change for you? How would this impact those around you?


Can you already start to see how things could be very different if the thoughts you had were different?


Your thoughts are what drive every action you take and therefore the results you get.

Reflect Coaching program will help you:

  • Uncover the true source to your self-doubt

  • Understand and remove what is holding you back

  • Learn and develop skills to take charge of your thinking and procrastination

  • Develop a step by step plan to make it happen

  • Support and keep you accountable so you stay on track.



Having the support and guidance of a coach is having someone that truly understands

'where you are at' and what you are going through.

 It is someone who is able to listen without judgment and who will believe in you.

We will help you recognise what you have already achieved and what you are capable of.

We will give you all the techniques and skills you require to help shape and give positive influences to every aspect of your life.   

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Success Stories



At the start of the session, I was feeling overwhelmed.  I have quite a complex problem with what seems like loads of things to sort out and decisions to make. My head was, numb I think. I’d like to say it was spinning but actually I felt paralysed, knowing I had loads to think through but not really knowing what my starting point was.  My mind was like a great big messy, derelict house and was wondering what room to do first.

I had a few the light bulb moments during the session: I’ve always been someone that cringes what when comes to being a ‘sales person’. I know my standards are high, I will do extra touches to give good service, but I don’t reflect that in my pricing coz I perceive what other people think is affordable. Even though I know this intellectually, my subconscious is behaving like a bargain hunter. Emma helped me reframe my belief and feel better about valuing myself and the big picture about money flow.

I also had barriers about people avoiding me coz they thought I’d be trying to sell them something. Actually, she managed to help me overcome that fear and also find me a starting point that felt comfortable with me, something that fit with my values and integrity. It took a bit of time nailing what was really going for me, but we did nail it and I felt excited and sure about my direction.

I feel excited now, which is surprising since I’ve been in hiding for a while now.

I have been coached by some of the biggest brands out there, Emma had a lot to live up to.  In fact, just recently I spent quite a lot on big brand course that, whilst helpful, hasn’t really delivered.

I have known Emma through other services she has provided in the past and trust her integrity.  However, I was a bit on the fence with coaching because it’s so hard to make a decision on a considered purchase, wondering if it will deliver or be just another hyped up sales pitch.  Whilst I’ve had some great experiences, I’ve also had some not so good ones so was a bit...... undecided!

I really didn’t give Emma her due where deserved, it exceeded my expectations.  I think she got more done in 3 hours than my ‘big brand’ coach got done in 5 sessions!

I guess the difference that made the difference was that it was 3, good quality, well constructed, in-depth 3 hours. 

I know from past experiences with coaching, that it does actually take time unraveling someone’s congested mind.  It’s not something that can be done in an hour.  Whilst it’s still work in progress, the initial investment in time was not only worth it, but essential to the success of me being clear about what I really want in life.

If I’d have known what I know now about the quality of Emma’s work, I would have chosen her sooner and not wasted time and money on flakey ‘big brands’.

I’m not saying they haven’t added any value to my life.  But having a personal coach to see you through from start to finish feels better than random sessions that only make little indents into a lifetime of ingrained behaviours and beliefs.


I have had 6 sessions in total to date to help me with anxiety and the impact that was having on financial decision making within my business. What I loved about my sessions was the range of techniques I was taught that I have been able to use in my day to day life during and since completing my sessions. The sessions were carried out via video calls so I was able to fit them into my busy schedule. I found them highly beneficial and I am still using many of the techniques that Emma worked on with me. I found that we opened a bit of a Pandora's box and Emma was so flexible and accommodating helping me work through everything that surfaced as a result of the sessions. She has a real gift for helping others and the benefits are far-reaching. Making this time for myself to really work on areas that were impacting my day to day life and mental health has had a positive impact on my life but also the lives of those around me. My entire family has benefited from my participation in these sessions. My husband asked me to thank Emma because there was a visible positive change in me. Anyone who is looking to make a change for the better but needs the support to do so and techniques to take with them moving forward to help to manage their thought life, anxiety and so forth should definitely contact Emma. This is definitely a calling for her not just a job, she truly wants to help and make a difference. I never felt uncomfortable or judged, I always felt self and cared for. Thank you again, Emma, for all your help and support.



I felt I had no idea where to start running my own business, not really sure I could do it. No confidence in myself. My lightbulb moment came when we were discussing what I could do with my business, given lots of ideas and really made to feel that it could be possible, with support to get up and running.

What I found helpful with the session was that I was given so many good ideas and advice, somethings I wouldn't have thought about. Lots of enthusiasm from Emma and the feeling that she believed in me.

I feel more confident about selling my packages and with some research feel my pricing is right.

I would highly recommend Emma to help someone else in a similar position to me as she is very patient, extremely knowledgeable. She has encouraged me to re-access my working life and given me confidence, even in later years to start my own business.


Business wise, I was all over the place! Too many fingers in too many pies, with no real direction, drive or motivation. Unfortunately, disruption and worry in my personal life has had a major knock on effect to my business and also the plans for my future business.

Emma has made me realise that I 'choose' my emotions and my reactions to situations and others, in my case this was particularly relevant to my family. She made me realise that the way they communicate with me may simply be because this is the only way 'they' know how to communicate, and it doesn't mean that they are purposely intending on making me angry or upset. I am now able to listen to what they say, reassure them that I am listening, but I realise that ultimately it is 'my' choice what I do with their advice and I do not 'have' to agree with them.

The sessions have given me the ability to travel through the most hardest and challenging time of my life. I will be continuing to use what we discussed going forward to help me cope with everyday situations.

Working with Emma has been amazing! She has a way of making me understand my feelings and emotions and 'why' I am feeling those things. She has made me realise that I have choices, and the choices I make are mine to make. We are working on building confidence in me, this still has some way to go but I know that with Emma's help, I will get there.  Without Emma, the past few weeks would have been so much harder to deal with and she has made me feel so much stronger.



I was feeling confident about my business, but my main problem really was ownership of the business, roles within the business and promotion of the business.

I found Emma’s questioning inspiring and motivating, by having a fresh perspective it created the light bulb moments that I needed to prioritise.
No doubt about it the overall conversations were the most helpful part. Emma offering her perspective really helped me with new ideas and solving a number of problems.
Emma was relaxed, friendly & most importantly professional. I would recommend Emma to others in a similar position as I have no doubt her help and advice will put you on a firm footing to achieving your ambitions. I respect Emma’s professionalism and dedication I know you will receive all the help you need


Emma has been fantastic. She talked me through each stage clearly and concisely. Her knowledge and enthusiasm have given me the confidence and ability to set up my own business and she has continued to provide support every step of the way. 


I came to see Emma as I was suffering from anxiety and very low self-esteem. I immediately felt at ease with Emma and was able to open up and tell her things I have never told anyone else. She made me see things from a different perspective. I was struggling to deal with the relationship with my Mum and hadn’t factored that this was part of my anxiety, amongst other things. I always felt I wasn’t good enough and felt ugly and unworthy of anyone’s kindness.

Emma has helped me so much. My relationship is really good with my Mum now. I have stopped putting myself down and am trying to like myself and feel confident in my own skin. 

I cannot thank Emma enough and would highly recommend her to anyone. 


“I’ve worked with Emma on my limiting beliefs about growing my business. Each session I feel excited, inspired and ready to succeed. She is compassionate while still pushing me to grow. I highly recommend her! “ 

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