Health & Wellbeing


Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Help prevent repetitive strain syndrome,

reduce back and leg pain, reduce stress and anxiety; ultimately reducing sickness.

Increase alertness, increase strength, increase mobility,

improve posture and improve flexibility; ultimately improve overall health.



Our Mindfulness presentation will help your team understand how their thoughts impact their body and mind.

Enabling people to take control of their lives to make positive change.


Using Mindfulness to become more present and living in the moment positively impacts stress, anxiety and depression



Have you got a space in your building

to enable your team to take part in a

Yoga class?

Great for team bonding and a breather from the daily work schedule.

We can design a class specifically for your teams needs on a date and time that suits you.

20 Minute

Office Yoga

Do you feel your team

 would benefit from a

gentle stretch and mobility Yoga routine,

at their desk?

Fantastic for reducing stress and fatigue, great for re-charging the brain


We can design a routine specifically for your teams needs on a date and time that suits you.



We offer

15 minute back, neck

and shoulder seated massage in the

work place

Why not encourage your staff to have a 15 minute massage whilst at work? 

Increasing blood flow and reducing tension, will reduce stress levels and enhance wellbeing

Enquire for pricing structure and any further information

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