" I first heard about Emma when a leaflet came through my door. I’ve never really been good with classes - never had the enthusiasm to get myself together and get to a class.  One to one seemed right for me.  I love it, it has been so good for my physical health and my mental health.  For me Emma has been a life saver, with her gentle smile and kind ways and total professional and expert knowledge. When the sun is shining we do the yoga in my garden, sometimes the cats join in! What a difference I have felt in my body. After three months I am fitter all round - both physically and mentally. Thank you Emma! " 


" I wanted to start yoga and Pilates to keep fit. I feel it has helped keep me flexible and mobile. I would recommend Reflect Health & Wellbeing, because Emma is really good and has a nice, friendly face! " 


" I wanted to start yoga and Pilates to keep fit. I feel it has helped keep me flexible and mobile. I would recommend Reflect Health & Wellbeing, because Emma is really good and has a nice, friendly face! " 


" I wanted to start yoga because I wanted to try something that combines fitness and strengthening, but also relaxation. I sometimes find it hard to meditate and hoped that it would help me, not just in class, but also at home. I feel it has helped me feel stronger in my core. Whilst my balance isn’t great, I feel secure with most of the poses. I also feel more flexible since starting. While I still battle with mental health, I have found yoga has helped me calm my mind. I would recommend Reflect Health & Wellbeing, because Emma is a great teacher and will adapt any pose for different abilities. I’ve always felt comfortable in class and never embarrassed. " 


" I wanted to start yoga to get fitter and find an exercise regime I could really enjoy and enthuse about. I’m amazed at how much my body shape has improved through toning; how my flexibility has improved and how I’m now able to do things, I believed would have been impossible when I first started. Emma’s yoga and Pilates classes have changed my life for the better. I absolutely love her classes and sharing them with other like-minded, friendly people. I would recommend Reflect Health & Wellbeing, because Emma is the perfect, enthusiastic teacher. She goes out of her way to make people with different abilities [and disabilities] very welcome, ensuring we are all encouraged to achieve our full potential. She sincerely cares about her clients and making classes fun and enjoyable. Try it – you’ll love it! "


" I wanted to start yoga because I was trying to lose weight and become more flexible. I wanted to have more energy, because I was tired all the time. I feel it has helped because I feel better in myself – mentally and physically. I no longer have back pain and I used to suffer from sciatica, but I don’t anymore! I’ve lost 2 stone and my knees no longer hurt. I also don’t feel as tired, which is a big plus for me! I would recommend Reflect Health & Wellbeing, because Emma is lovely – she helps and encourages, whilst making you feel comfortable. It’s a lovely bunch of people and I always leave smiling. What’s not to like? Best hour of my week! "


" I wanted to start yoga to improve my core strength; reduce pain in my hip; improve lung function and keep healthy. It has helped me feel stronger and more flexible. I have better balance and posture and my lung function is the best it’s been in 4 years! "


“ I never thought about doing yoga, as I was so sure it was something I would never be able to do. I must admit I was afraid and sure I wouldn't be able to do anything properly, if at all. I have fallen a couple of times so my balance wasn't good. But from day one it has been fantastic. Emma is the most perfect yoga teacher. She takes her time and has loads of patience. Instead of feeling afraid, I found I loved every minute and still do. Emma made me feel relaxed from the start and her classes are so friendly. I feel I have improved week by week and feel more confident, and that's something I never thought I would feel. I still have a lot to learn and it will take a long time before I can say 'I can do yoga properly' but I will keep on trying and keep on enjoying it. ”


" I was worried that I wasn’t able to understand or move into the positions correctly but Emma was brilliant by the way she explained the way to do things and her understanding of the body as a whole, the way she adjusted the moves to suit your level of fitness and the constant attention from her to ensure you were in the correct position. After attending classes for 6 weeks I am astounded at how much more flexible and fitter I feel."


" I'm so glad I tried this class out, I‘ve been almost every week since and feel I've got back to my previous level of flexibility which really helps me in my life with daily tasks. I feel so positive and calm when I leave the class and yet can feel that my body has worked the next day. It's never left me feeling over or under-worked. It's just enough discomfort to know that it's had an impact without putting me off. I'm always recommending yoga to people I know as I can't endorse enough how effective it is in helping improve your bodies condition in all aspects. And the focus and meditations it offers really allow you time out, which is brilliant for busy brains. "


" I joined Emma's Fitness Yoga classes and can't rate them highly enough. Emma is so friendly and welcoming, making her class feel totally at ease regardless of ability.

Emma is clearly a very knowledgeable instructor who gives precise instructions for all levels. She makes sure we all gain the maximum benefit from our workout, ensuring the correct position in every exercise. I really appreciate this advice because once corrected, I can feel the benefit every time. My strength, balance and flexibility have substantially improved since joining Emma's classes. I would thoroughly recommend her classes to everyone regardless of age or level of fitness. Everyone needs Emma in their life!! "


" I wanted to start yoga to improve my core strength and flexibility, and to help with relaxation. i’m definitely more flexible, and my balance is much better. I’ve also used the breathing techniques and tips given in class to aid relaxation. Emma hits the right balance of teaching new skills in amongst more practised postures. She gives the opportunity to either push yourself of keep at the more basic version of the posture without it making you feel like you’re not doing enough! She is an excellent teacher."


" I wanted to start yoga because I’ve always wanted to try it. I got to 60 and thought I’d give it a go! It’s amazing exercise. It’s made me calmer and more flexible. I love the class! I would recommend giving it a try, because Emma is a brilliant teacher, she makes sure we’re all happy doing the yoga poses to the best of our ability. It’s a brilliant class."


" Emma’s teaching manner is very calming and she gives alternative moves to suit each person’s ability. In a short space of time my strength has improved along with my flexibility and I am feeling more toned and healthy. Each week I see an improvement on my abilities. Emma is an excellent teacher, explaining the exercises and providing alternatives for all levels.  The classes are of mixed ability and whilst exercise brings us there, the atmosphere is very friendly, relaxed and welcoming.  There is no competitiveness, and everyone encourages each other.  I really look forward to the classes not only to workout but also to meet up the friends that I've made."

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