Emma is the founder and CEO – the positivity promoter, happiness honcho and general mood booster. She is constantly creating new journeys with her clients in their quest to find happiness. You can find her in the ocean or river, climbing mountains and walking Spike, anywhere outdoors when not in the office.


Emma’s passion to help women break free from emotional eating inspired the launch of Reflect coaching and therapy. She provides the best diet plans for women who want weight loss, as well as better health. However, the key to success is not only the food plan but also the mindset and mind management plan.  On her program you will discover everything you need to know to beat emotional eating once and for all.

Changing Lives


Kristy is our admin support and the creative one - she makes stuff out of clay, metal, paint, wool, paper, fabric and whatever else she can get her hands on. She can be found in her creative studio, behind her computer or somewhere in the great outdoors. Kristy has a passion for nature and loves nothing more, than a walk through the forest, or by the river. 


Everyone needs a mascot, am I right?

Spike is the grumpy old man who spends his days chewing on his bone or snoring underneath the desk.

When the Reflect Health team fancy a little headspace in the fresh outdoors he is the greatest companion.


Julie is our food guru, there isn't much Julie can't cook.

As business owner of The Rainbow Kitchen, Julie's passion and focus is for people to eat the colours of the rainbow as often as possible. Wanting to help people learn how to disguise those super healthy foods that may not be liked by the whole family.   

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