Emma is the CEO – the positivity promoter, happiness honcho and general mood booster. She is constantly creating new journeys with her clients in their quest to find happiness and keeping everything running. You can find her in the ocean or river, climbing mountains, walking Spike or where you need her at just the right moment. 

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Changing Lives


Kristy is the creative one - she makes stuff out of clay, metal, paint, wool, paper, fabric and whatever else she can get her hands on. She can be found in her creative studio, behind her computer or somewhere in the great outdoors. Kristy has a passion for nature and loves nothing more, than a walk through the forest, or by the river. 


Everyone needs a mascot, am I right?

Spike is the grumpy old man who spends his days chewing on his bone or snoring underneath the desk.

When the Reflect Health team fancy a little headspace in the fresh outdoors he is the greatest companion.

The Heron

‚ÄčWe use the image of a heron, to remind ourselves that patience pays off. The heron is intelligent, resourceful and determined – it’s successful, because it never gives up.

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