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If you’ve ever been to a spa to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a massage, this would typically be the form of massage you are used to. A Swedish massage therapy is a great introductory massage as it addresses most major muscle groups.


Swedish massage has many benefits:

- Helps ease tension

- Promotes relaxation

- Encourages blood flow

- Improves circulation

- Decreases stress levels


Swedish massage is a perfect solution for built-up tension and an ideal way to soothe overworked muscles.

Enjoy a tailor-made massage experience, taking into account individual factors and needs, to promote general health and wellbeing.

30 minute massage treatment - £30

4 treatments for the price of 3 


Saving of £30

1 hour massage treatment - £45


4 treatments for the price of 3


Saving of £45




A sports massage is able to deliver preventative treatment and deals with the health of muscle and connective tissue, range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture. Your treatment may include the entire body or a specific, targeted area in which you require treatment.


Sports massage has many benefits:

- Helps increase blood circulation

- Promotes muscle growth

- Encourages a fast recovery

- Improves muscle efficiency

Sports massage therapy should be an essential part of your self-care routine.



Each pre-blended oil in our aromatherapy massages comes with a slightly modified massage depending on desired outcome. Choose from Detox, which is an ideal complementary treatment to help rid your body of toxins, Revitalise, for those moments when you need a natural pick me up or Relax, when you need to unwind.


Aromatherapy massage has many benefits:

- Relaxing tired minds

- Providing oxygen flow

- Relief for aching muscles

- Improve muscle efficiency


Aromatherapy massage makes a relaxing massage all the more therapeutic.


A hot stone massage uses the combined effect of the warmth of the stones, hand pressure from your therapist and the aromatic oils to gently melt away muscle tension. It encourages the body to recharge itself in energy, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.


Hot stone massage has many benefits:

- Promotes sleep

- Encourages better immunity

- Helps to detoxify the body

- Reduces stress and anxiety

Hot stone massage therapy is great if you’re feeling like you’re burnt out but ready to soothe your mind and body.


The deluxe facial treatment includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, face massage, opening of the pores, a face mask, a refreshing toning mist, and a moisturiser and eye treatment. Whilst the face mask does its work you can choose from a range of massages. 


Facials have many benefits:

- Aids blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

- Relaxes facial muscles

- Encourages skin cell renewal

- Clears clogged pores

- Removes dead cells

Using clean, green, chemical & cruelty-free products treat your skin to the loving care of nature with this luxurious facial.

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