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"My aim was to lose weight, which I have succeeded in doing, but I had no idea at the beginning the knowledge I would gain from doing the program. I gained so much in so many different areas, from food, exercise, hunger levels, emotional eating, letting go of a relationship, forgiveness, thoughts monitoring, negative self-talk, self-love and more. Emma's program has far exceeded my expectations. Now I feel energised, happy with me and positive about my future. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Emma for being on this journey with me, and for being you. You are a very special person."

Delia Funnell


Reflect Coaching & Therapy Programs

For Weight Loss and Better Health 


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Food Freedom – Gold Program

Food Freedom is personalised coaching and therapy, where Emma analyses areas of your life that you’re struggling with, that are contributing to your eating habits. Emma brings relief from current circumstances by revealing the true source of your pain and suffering, working with you to develop tools and strategies to move beyond the barriers and habits which keep you stuck. Empowering you to know with confidence your next move, to take you toward the life you desire.  

​Includes the following video call sessions:

  • Week Session # 1: A deep dive lifestyle and diet overhaul, depending on your unique requirements, a therapy emotions release technique.  (approx. 2.5 hrs)

  • Week Session # 2-12 : Analysis of the week’s success and learning, the next weeks commitments. This is followed by a mixture of therapy and coaching to help remove, reframe and refile subconscious habits, beliefs and behaviours. (approx. 50 minutes)

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Food Freedom - Diamond Program


A program for those who flourish with a higher level of commitment and would benefit from regular accountability. The Diamond Program contains everything from the Gold Program including;

  • Daily accountability, Monday to Friday, evening correspondence providing an update of how the day has gone and anything which needs immediate consideration. 

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2 Day Life Revival

Overhaul your health and wellbeing

You know it needs to change, and it needs to change now.

You take full responsibility for your life and you are ready to take the actions required to change.


However, you feel frustrated and a little lost, as you have tried many ways before, but you always come full circle, back to where you started.


You want to lose the weight, feel energised, be healthy and stop struggling year after year once and for all.


If this sounds like you and you’re 100% ready, you can book on for the 2 day life revival with Emma.

I combine therapy and coaching techniques to work with the subconscious and conscious mind. Together we can tackle any barriers and fears, removing blocks and limitations, enabling you to move towards the body and life you desire.

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- Henry Ford

Reflect Coaching & Therapy 


I use a combination of coaching and therapy to help you discover and remove blocks that are preventing you from the life you desire.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Helps to create a focus on what you do want – eliminating what you don’t want.


Which promotes a positive attitude and overwrites negative unwanted and outdated habits.

EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique)

 Releases emotional blockages within the body.

Time Line Therapy (TLT)

To help with emotions experienced with fears, anxiety and depression.

Kinetic Shift Therapy

Removing unwanted feelings and energy from the body.

Mindset Coaching

Upgrades beliefs to support the life you want to lead.

Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Promoting changes to lifestyle, setting goals and monitoring progress.


Helps to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment.



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“I can’t believe how much easier it was than I thought it would be. I was dreading having to give up my favourite foods and really wasn’t confident I could do it. Emma’s program has shown me I can still have my favourites and continue to lose weight.  I was astonished how quickly my eating habits and lifestyle changed, I am slimmer and feel great. I highly recommend Emma to anyone who has struggled to lose weight in the past, her personal approach to address your eating habits will ensure you have the success you are looking for” 


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“Thank you Emma for all your help and support. I am amazed at the difference in not only how I look but also how I feel, my husband has also made some really positive changes too. We both love the new way we eat and will never go back to our old ways” 



“I had no idea I had an intolerance to dairy and gluten. Apart from all the weight I have lost, I am so grateful to Emma. The reset phase of her program allowed me to discover the cause of my IBS, keeping dairy and gluten out of my diet has made such a difference to my health. The reintroduction phase has allowed me to enjoy my favourite foods occasionally, without feeling guilty or falling off the wagon. I’ve even started exercising more and actually enjoying it. I recommend Emma to anyone who feels they have hit a brick wall with weight loss or poor health, her program will challenge your eating habits and also help you uncover any emotional patterns keeping you stuck, her passion and commitment will ensure you reach your goals”

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When addressing the potential effects and benefits within any of our websites, videos, newsletters, programs or other content from reflect health and wellbeing, we’ve taken every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our programs and their ability to impact your life. However, Emma Williams does not guarantee that you will experience results in any given timeframe or that your physical, mental, psychological, or emotional well being will be immediately or drastically improved. Emma Williams does not claim to diagnose or treat any specific conditions. It is our belief that all of our ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations have been shown to have an effect for the majority of people who have successfully engaged with our content; however, nothing on our site is a guarantee to you of any particular impact or effect. Emma Willimas's approach is intended for educational purposes only. Information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for individual medical advice.

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