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The Hub, Croxton Rd, Thetford IP24 1TA

Restorative Yoga & Sound Meditation


Take two hours to experience the ultimate relaxing Yin Yoga and Sound Meditation. 


Total beginners welcome!

 Sunday 6th
March 3-5pm


We are looking forward to a few hours with you;  to help you unwind, de-stress and rebalance your mind and body… we’re positive you’ll have a great time and will walk away refreshed and recharged!

Restorative Yin Yoga with Sound Meditation

3 - 4.10pm - Sound Assisted Restorative Yin Yoga

4.10 - 4.25pm - Chocolate shot to enhance your guided relaxation.

4.30 - 5pm - Guided Sound Meditation.

This Yoga and Sound experience uses yin yoga, sound, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with meditation techniques to improve health and wellbeing. Nicky from Sound and Ground is a qualified Sound Therapist Practitioner who will transport you on a journey of sound throughout the yoga class and meditation using gongs, singing bowls, chimes and other instruments. For those of us who can struggle to meditate, having the sound as a single point of focus quiets the mind, and you can more readily access a meditative state where deep relaxation and regeneration can take place. 


The benefits most often experienced as a result of a sound meditation are decreased feelings of stress/anxiety, a sense of calm and peace, decreased sensations of pain, increased creativity and most people report a good night's sleep.

Sound therapy is not suitable

to anyone who has epilepsy, is pregnant (first trimester) or who has a pacemaker fitted.

 Sunday 6th
March 3-5pm


You Need:

  • Please wear loose, comfortable and warm clothing – being warm is vital for allowing muscles to deeply relax and for your mind to open.

  • Please bring 2 or 3 pillows/cushions and a blanket to use through the session to prop the body and for the Guided Relaxation – again, being comfortable is essential to allow you to enjoy this experience fully.

  • If you have your own Yoga/Pilates Mat, then please bring this too (although this is not essential, as mats can be provided, please let me know).

  • A water bottle

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